UAB Soccer Blog: Kofi Gyawu

May 24, 2012

The UAB men's soccer team is gaining valuable experience overseas in Holland during the month of May. Rising senior forward Kofi Gyawu submitted the most recent blog entry about his team's experience during the trip. Below is the most recent entry:


After 5 days of non stop soccer, today we had a day to ourselves to relax, hang out, and enjoy some team bonding.

Usually we have been waking up around 8:30 to eat breakfast but today the majority of the team slept in until around 11:30. With no mandatory functions today, we were allowed to have this day to ourselves. Thanks to Alex Pama, we were allowed to rent bikes from the hotel for the entire day. Some people biked to the nearby beach, some just biked around the city exploring a little more, and some people caught up on some more sleep. While biking through the city, a few teammates discovered there was circus that was going to take place tonight so they stopped by to take some photos of the animals. Around 2 p.m. local time a group went to visit Napoleon's fort that was built during the 1700s.

We had a nice evening dinner prepared for us by the hotel staff that consisted of salad, bread, French fries, and ribs. The ribs were extremely good and based on the amount of bones left on everyone's plate, one could say we really enjoyed this meal. Shortly after dinner we found a way to entertain ourselves by playing a common Dutch game called "sjoeln." Shortly after we finished that game, myself, coach Justus (Griffin), Milan (Milinkovic), and Chase (Wickham) decided to play a game of miniature golf. Luckily, coach Justus came out victorious but by the time we exit Den Helder someone else is sure to beat him.

Around 9 p.m. local time we had a team bowling event at the hotel. Teams were divided up evenly (so they said), into groups of five. One group was Coach (Mike) Getman, Reed (Matte), Atak (Yai), Cole (Iverson, and Karl (Moton). Another group was Darion (Copeland), Moses (Adeniran), Josh (Stewart), Alex (Clay), and Chase. The last group was myself, Coach Justus, Norris (Howze), Milan, and Michal (Mravec).



There were quite a lot of strikes thrown throughout the game and towards the end it got very interesting. The group with Coach Getman ended up winning by just a few points ahead of my group.

After bowling it was late so everyone decided to head off to bed to get a good nights sleep so that we are well rested for our game tomorrow.

We play against Excelsior tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. local time.

Kofi Gyawu

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