C-USA Statement Regarding Instant Replay Ruling in Houston-Okla. St. Game



Sept. 25, 2006

Conference USA has completed its review of the instant replay ruling late in the first half of Saturday's Houston-Oklahoma State football game and determined that the ruling by the officials on the field was correct and the review by instant replay should not have occurred.

In the closing minutes of the second quarter, Houston's Kevin Kolb completed an eight-yard pass to Jeron Harvey to the Oklahoma State 24-yard line. The officials on the field correctly ruled that Harvey fumbled the ball, which was recovered by Oklahoma State. Houston head coach Art Briles challenged the call. By rule, the play was not reviewable. A runner's forward progress may only be reviewed to determine whether or not the forward progress results in a first down. The ruling on the field was reviewed by the technical adviser in the instant replay booth and reversed.

"When we implemented instant replay, our goal was to get more calls right, which we have," said Commissioner Britton Banowsky. "In this case, by rule, the call on the field should not have been reviewed, for which the instant replay official will be suspended."

The specific details of officiating suspensions are not made public, consistent with Conference USA's policy relating to officiating matters.



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